Rosina Nash-Smith ® is a highly regarded psychic in the Bristol and Bath areas of the South-West, who also works with clients in London and surrounding areas. She has channeled thousands of readings to people across the globe, and works with many clients in the Mendip area in her role as a Holistic Healthcare Therapist. The combination of her skills as a therapist, developed since 1994, and her natural intuitive insight elevates her treatments to a phenomenal level. Rosina’s readings, treatment plans, one-off treatment sessions and motivational sessions are tailored to suit each client or group.  
Clairvoyant in bristol and bath
Life Coaching Personal Training Exercise Referral Programme 
Finding the purpose, reason or drive which gives rise to action towards the desired goals and working with this to effect change. 
psychic in Bristol
clairvoyant in bath
Psychic Readings Palmistry Mediumship Teaching 
Rosina is a professional who has a commitment to helping clients prioritise and obtain their goals, in a supportive structured confidential environment, through the process of mentoring and intuitive guidance. 
psychic in Bath
clairvoyant in bristol
Reflexology Massage/Aromatherapy Metamorphic Technique Meditation Reiki 
Bringing about change which improves the quality of life, achievement of goals, or rejuvenation of spirit 
Psychic medium in Bristol and Bath
Cancer Rehab 
Rosina offers a unique service, being one of only 106 people in the whole of Europe and UK that have a qualification in Cancer Rehabilitation.