Rosina is an experienced international psychic / medium and has channelled thousands of readings to people across the globe. She has also trained many psychics mediums in colleges, workshops and development groups across the UK. 
Her natural gifts have been developed over many years and are incorporated into every modality she offers. Many businesses have sought her guidance, in addition to clients who seek advice or reassurance with their future, health, life or family concerns. Rosina has an outstanding professional reputation and is grounded in her approach to ethereal world.  
She enjoys working with and motivating the people she treats, and can provide support to people of all ages. You will always have 110% commitment to a positive life enhancing experience from your time with her. 
As well as the work that Rosina does with individuals, she has also worked within a number private organisations and colleges within the West Country as well as undertaking charity work in Bosnia and the UK. 
Additionally Rosina is a holistic healthcare therapist and she combines these gifts with her psychic and medium skills to fully meet the needs of her customers. She has been a practicing healthcare therapist since 1994 and has studied and qualified in many disciplines. 
For your peace of mind, Rosina belongs to several professional bodies including Association of Reflexologists (MAR), Federation of Holistic Therapists (MFHT) and qualified Referral Programme Consultant approved by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS3), who ensure their members undertake continuous professional development and adherence to a code of ethics, including confidentiality. She also has certification for her qualifications in all the fields in which she practices. 
Rosina considers herself privileged to have had the opportunity to train in these therapies with a number of professionals who are outstanding in their field. These have included: 
Robert St John, founder of the metamorphic treatment - a way of understanding the nature, the structure and the function of life in all things on this planet; 
Dr Shen Hongxun, founder of International Buqi Institute, the Buqi College, The Buqi Institue, Belguim and The Shen Hongxun Science Centre in the USA . Buqi is a system of self healing, removing the unknown factors of a disease (bing-qui), returning a body to it's natural state 
Rosalind Oxenford, published author and founder of the Bath Reflexology Centre 
Ray Ridolfi, co-founder of the British School of Shiatsu-Do and published author 
Clare Harris, who spent seven years running her own accredited school of massage and aromatherapy and who now works as a visiting fellow at Praxis, Cranfield School of Management 
Mark Evans, Director of the Bath Natural Health clinic and the Principal of the Bath School of Massage.