Teaching / Workshops 
My qualifications are such that I am also able to teach certain techniques on a 
one-to-one basis, to enable you to further develop your personal skills, or to a group of individuals as part of academic development or informative discussion. Areas in which my expertise extends to this level of tuition are outlined below. 
Psychic Development Tuition 
Everyone has psychic potential. Developing this ability can provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others whilst increasing your natural intuitive ability. This will help you to maximise life opportunities and respond to challenges with unexplainable inner confidence and presence of mind. 
Clairvoyance and Psychic Art Techniques 
This teaching offers you the chance to validate your experiences which cannot be explained by logic alone and to be with like-minded people. It provides a safe environment to look at and question your belief systems and current way of thinking. 
Designed to bring out the latent psychic abilities that lie within each of us – to open people’s minds and awareness to the endless possibilities of imagination, energy and spirit. You will initially be introduced to chakras and meditations as tools to tap into your abilities. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in Psychometry, Clairsentience (sensing), Clairaudience (internal hearing) and Clairvoyance (internal seeing). 
Through a structured approach, you will learn techniques to help you manage these abilities responsibly.