I offer lifestyle coaching, personal training and an exercise referal programme to my clients, these sessions can be held at a base close to Bristol and Bath as well as to clients based in London. I am fully qualified in all the therapies I practice. In addition to the application of this knowledge base, I use my clairvoyance skills and intuition to assist my clients, this enables me to give them information which will help them find the right treatment package and route to achieving their goals. 
Lifestyle Coaching 
I offer ongoing sessions for as long as you need to help you achieve specific or general goals in your life. Whether you want to overcome illness or simply improve your health and well-being, coaching through observation, encouragement and constructive feedback can bring about positive and permanent changes to your life and those around you. 
Personal Training 
A fitness package personalised to enhance your life. I will design a programme for weight loss, toning, increased fitness and nutritional awareness which can provide you with lifelong benefits on physical, mental and emotional levels. Lifestyle assessments and reviews are carried out throughout your programme to maximise benefits for you and I can be flexible with training environments. 
Exercise Referral Programme 
If you are faced with a health or medical condition that needs a specific exercise or rehabilitation programme, I qualified through the Wright Foundation as a Referral Programme Consultant. With this I am able to design a suitable plan for you based on an initial pre-assessment questionnaire completed by your GP or healthcare professional.