Working as a therapist and a clairvoyant psychic, I link to my clients intuitively and empathically. As I treat them I receive information about the root cause of their illness, dietary and other lifestyle information they would need to implement to improve or cure their illness. 
Reflexology is a therapy working on the feet and hands, helping to heal the whole person and not just presenting symptoms. Injury, illness, stress, or disease cause bodily imbalance and prevent effective functioning.  
By applying pressure to specific areas of the feet or hands, reflexology enables the body to heal itself whilst encouraging the natural balance to be restored and maintained.  
Through reflexology I can help eliminate tensions and pains as well as improve circulation and bodily function. 
Massage works on the soft tissues of the body to help release aches, pains and tensions. It can restore balance to the body and mind bringing many health benefits. Use of selected essential oils can be added to the massage providing a relaxing and therapeutic aromatherapy treatment to promote general well-being. 
massage and aromatherapy
Metamorphic Technique 
A technique involving light touch along the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head, this technique is used to promote self-healing and personal development, through release of negative beliefs and behaviour patterns.  
Safe and relaxing for all ages from newborn to elderly, the technique can complement traditional medicine and other therapies.  
I find that this treatment is especially beneficial in overcoming stress-related conditions, addictions and eating disorders and is particularly effective for newborns and children with learning difficulties, autism or dyslexia by triggering a positive change and transformation. Additionally, it can be used to promote easier pregnancy and birth. 
metamorphic technique
This form of relaxation enables clarity of mind and focus of attention. On a one-to-one basis or as part of a group, I will teach you the methods you need to be able to achieve calm and channel your energy, freeing the mind from destructive psychological habits whilst sharpening the intellect and bringing balance on an emotional level. Benefits include increased confidence in managing life situations, improved physical health and well-being and reduction in stress